Demian Matarazzo our new Marketing Science Director

Demian Matarazzo Director de Marketing Science

Demian Matarazzo, who led the Marketing Science team for Meta in the Southern Cone, has joined our company as Director of Marketing Science for Latin America.

Professional challenges drove his decision to join our team. “Meta had exponential growth, and I learned a lot, but it became a company where it was harder to get things done. Bunker DB was very tempting to me for several reasons. I found a robust team with easily scalable technology and a challenge I was looking for – to join a Latin American company with global ambitions,” he emphasized in his interview with El País newspaper in Uruguay.

For our part, his hiring is the result of our growth plans. We aim to continue bringing science to marketing for all our clients so they can make data-driven decisions and achieve considerable financial efficiencies in their media investments.

With his background in Marketing Science and machine learning, working alongside high-level executives at Meta, we are confident that we will continue to drive a data-driven culture throughout Latin America.

In the interview, Demian talks about the industry’s privacy challenges and how alternatives can generate good results when working with aggregated information. Read the full interview here.

This addition strengthens our Marketing Science team, which is already working on new products and services that will significantly impact our clients, company, and the industry; a solid internal team that adds intelligence to data and is powered by AI.

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