Manage, analyze and audit your investment in digital media

Visualize your investment data, performance and the ROI of your paid media in the same place


Visualize KPIs, compare the results of the different media and identify which one achieves a better performance.

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We optimize your time
achieving greater operational efficiency

Unified data

Visualize all your data in a unified format, regardless of the medium or platform of origin, thanks to our flexible and friendly UI.

Investment control

Identify which content achieves better results, get a full view of your investments in networks and channels and analyze them in a simple, friendly and centralized way.

Set up alerts and KPIs

Define KPIs and set alerts to monitor either your branding or performance campaigns, or even a combination of both according to your goals.

Dynamic graphics

Make better decisions and optimize your strategies by viewing the results in custom graphs generated from the metrics you want to analyze.

Mejoramos tu tiempo y
logramos eficiencia operativa









Find out what our customers are saying

“We were selected by AMC for the global launch of Fear the Walking Dead. We worked across 4 regions, over 14 countries, more than 4 social media platforms, and in different languages. Bunker DB played a crucial role in measuring and monitoring (in real-time) the performance of our media investment in each market.”

Josefina Calacha
Sr. Media Director & PartnerS – WILDFI

Production expenses

Obtain a 360 vision of the performance and consumption of your investment, integrating all the costs associated with your campaigns.

Content Clusters

Create thematic content clusters and view each of their performances independently.

Customized reports

Personalize and organize your reports with the metrics and variables that you consider most relevant to your brand.

Currency conversion

Visualize your investments in real time, in the currency of your preference and convenience.

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Add Artificial Intelligence to your data, access automated analytical models and improve your results.

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Follow up close and analyze everything users say about your brand, your competition and the market in digital media.

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Visualize, analyze and understand the performance of your OOH marketing actions and base your strategies on accurate data.

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Store and analyze your databases in a secure and integrated way, track your conversions and build your own audiences.

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Analyze, manage and understand how each of your marketing actions are working, from a single and complete platform.

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