Your reports 100% automated and customized

Generate as many reports as you need and automatically send them to your team members and clients, so everyone has access to the same information.


Make your reporting process agile, customize templates with the exact data and graphics you want and send them automatically with just a few clicks.

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We optimize your time
achieving greater operational efficiency

Generate templates

Classify the information, graphs and data that you want to show in each report according to your goals, with the possibility of saving these templates in order to use them in future opportunities.

Customize the information

Select the exact data you want to display to each and different recipients of the report and filter the information according to the metrics or modules you want to address.

Scheduled delivery

Set the period, frequency and dates you want and automate the delivery of all your reports.

Navigate quickly

Scroll through the different sections of the report depending on your interests and needs, with a super intuitive and easy-to-navigate menu.

Mejoramos tu tiempo y
logramos eficiencia operativa









Find out what our customers are saying

“The 28 brands connected to the platform maintain their own dashboard, which feeds the 4 campaign reports generated for each one (around 112 monthly reports). Bunker DB has allowed us to reduce the amount of man-hours invested in generating these reports by 50%, as they are fully automated.”

Tomás Nuñez

Standardize your reports

All reports are unified under the same key visual so that all readers have equal access to the same information, avoiding any possible confusion or misinterpretation.

Integrate images and notes

Complement your reports by adding notes and images and provide more specific and clear information on the performance of all your digital strategies.

“Bunker DB es una plataforma que nos permite un monitoreo omnichannel en tiempo real de nuestros sitios digitales de manera que nuestros equipos de Marketing pueden entender de un vistazo cómo están performando nuestras campañas y marcas permitiendo ajustar los contenidos y formatos también en tiempo real.”

Roxana Chamoles
Digital Transformation Lead Latin America, UNILEVER

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