Federico Kalos: Marketing & Partnerships Director to strengthening our alliances

Federico Kalos, nuevo Director de Marketing & Partnerships de Bunker DB

Intending to continue to promote a data-driven culture in organizations, we continue to expand throughout Latin America. In the last year, we doubled our payroll due to our sustained growth, and among the latest hires, we added Federico Kalos as Director of Marketing & Partnerships.

This position aims to build strategic alliances with other companies and institutions in the digital industry. In an increasingly competitive environment, businesses need to consolidate their solutions’ scope to succeed. For this reason, we seek to democratize Latin America’s access to marketing analytics and marketing science solutions.

With recent investments from Globant and Draco Capital, we are developing product innovations and new services soon to be launched. “With this incorporation, we seek to strengthen our position and benefit from his experience to bring marketing decisions even closer to the core of our business,” said Avedis Boudakian, our Founder & CEO.

Federico Kalos has 14 years of experience in the digital industry. From Google and Meta, he has helped medium and large companies in Latin America to scale their businesses through comprehensive marketing strategies, alliances, and consulting.

“The challenge is exciting. Joining Bunker DB means returning to a startup to lead the Marketing and Partnerships teams. On a personal level, it allows me to be part of the kitchen where this kind of company is developed and even propose my recipes. My goal is to scale the practices and processes to grow our business from Latin America to the rest of the world,” Federico said.

Today, digital acceleration, process automation, and adopting a data-driven culture are priorities for organizations in all markets. Companies that are successful and stand out from their competition have a common denominator: highly qualified talent and technology as the base of their business.

We know this trend; our flexibility and openness to changes make us a constantly evolving company based on active listening to our collaborators, clients, and environment. 

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