Byron Cabrera, our new Country Manager in Guatemala

Byron Cabrera, Country Manager de Bunker DB Guatemala

We announce hiring Byron Cabrera as our new Country Manager in Guatemala to drive digital innovation in Guatemalan companies.

Byron led the META ASP (Authorized Sales Partners) program for five years, through which Entravisión brought META representation to Central America. His role was instrumental in enhancing campaigns for major advertisers and agencies and bringing these markets to the attention of the tech giant, which provided educational resources, technology, and solutions that accelerated advertising investment.

Today, he joins our team to lead and strengthen our growth and consolidation strategy in the region, continuing to add value to the digital ecosystem.

According to the Digital Maturity Index in Latin America, published by EY (Ernst & Young 2022), Central America is “developing digital capabilities,” highlighting innovation and growth strategies and evolving customer interaction. Companies are deepening their digital strategy, focusing on operational efficiency, and intensely interested in validating and designing based on customer experience.

In this scenario, we are the ideal partner for businesses, as our technology aims to enhance efficiency through data analysis and process automation, utilizing artificial intelligence.

Byron Cabrera stated, “My decision to join Bunker DB stems from a personal purpose of contributing to the transformation of my country’s and the region’s industry. Additionally, it aligns with a clear professional goal of empowering Guatemalan organizations with their data, enabling them to analyze and transform it into quality information for their businesses. In other words, helping them take the next step in utilizing their data for data-driven decision-making.”

Our CEO, Avedis Boudakian, expressed, “We are thrilled to welcome Byron. At Bunker DB, our mission is to democratize access to information so that every team member makes data-driven decisions. Byron undoubtedly shares this same objective. His knowledge and market experience will enable us to continue growing and deeply understanding our clients’ needs, offering personalized solutions for mutual success.”

More than 1200 brands in 25 countries have integrated our technology into their teams. If you want to make your daily operations more efficient, you can schedule a meeting here.

Press release published on Produ.

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